Climate crisis: No. 1 game changer

Climate change poses the biggest threat to our livelihood and simultaneously is the biggest business opportunity of our time.

Covid-19 is damaging our economical and societal software. The climate crisis is destroying the hardware on which our economy runs.

The accelerating climate crisisis the No. 1 game changer for all of us. Drastically reducing carbon emissions and building a low carbon society is the moonshot of our time. By making use of the right data, tools, and science-based targets, sustainable business transformation creates business value and is a catalyst for innovation and transformation.

This moonshot requires the collaboration of all us. Covid-19 proved how fast we are able to change our behavior and act based on scientific evidence. The moonshot is nothing less than the redesign of our economy from a high carbon make-take-waste economy to a smart, low carbon, circular economy.

Our mission: A do-space.
A learning lab for the future.

The Impact Business Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam offers a learning space for students, businesses, and organizations, where we;

  • create a positive impact on people and planet:
  • make businesses future-proof through innovation and transformation.

It is part of the new living lab ecosystem of the Business School, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The living lab of the Business School is an ecosystem for change. The impact business design lab is based on the working principles of the living lab-concept. It focuses on impact and value creation.

Within the impact business design lab students, businesses, public organizations, lecturers and researchers co-create new solutions for the challenges businesses and organizations face in the light of the climate crisis.

As a learning lab and do-space for impact we are inherently connected and contribute to the four core themes of the Business School: Purpose Economy, Circularity, Digitization, Leadership.

Why join us?

Our partners embark on an innovation and learning process with us, based on the learning principles of the living lab. Our partners can expect:

  • Facilitation of a transdisciplinary learning journey, based on the principles open innovation, design thinking, and system thinking;
  • Try, learn, adapt: Co-creation, rapid-prototyping, and testing of new concepts, together with students and selected stakeholders across disciplines;
  • Tools and methods to innovate “out-of-the-box” and develop impact-led transformation processes;
  • The process will be led by experienced learning space facilitators with extensive experience in working with businesses, organizations, and students.